For Parents

    • Term Dates 2017-2018
      • September 7th Return to Pre-School
      • October 19th Break up – half term
      • October 20th – INSET DAY
      • October 30th Back to Pre-School Autumn Term 2
      • November 30h Trip to Polesworth Abbey *
      • December 12th-15th Christmas activity week
      • December 17th Christingle Service
      • December 19th Nativity Service and Christmas Party
      • December 19th Break up end Autumn 2
      • January 4th Back to Pre-School Spring 1
      • February 15th Break up half term
      • February 16th INSET DAY
      • February 26th Back to Pre-School Spring 2
      • MARCH 15th Happy Hens TRIP *
      • March 23rd Break up Pre-School
      • 10th April Back to Pre-School Summer 2
      • 24th May Break up Pre-School
      • 25th May INSET DAY
      • 5th June Back to Pre-School*
      • 20th July Break up Pre-School Summer Holidays*

*subject to change

Rainbow Tots: In the Pre-school Church Hall: parent/carer and baby/toddler group is on Mondays, 10am – 12pm.

Topics for This Year 2016-2017

‘Creating a Love of Learning’

This year our overall theme will be creating a love of learning, not just for our children but for all who take part in Pre-School. Having young children is an incredible learning experience and we love our parents sharing these experiences. Our parents are welcome every Thursday(10-11) to come along and take part in our Creative Learning Sessions – Creation Station.

All our children’s learning is tailor made to suit them, where they are at a specific time so we can only really give a brief idea of what we will look at over the next year.

But we also think it is really nice for our children to learn about the world they live in, each other’s interests and go on lots of fun trips. So to give our parents a bit of a heads up as to what we will be doing, some of the books we might be using and some of the trips we will be hoping to go on through the year. We have written out a brief copy of our long term plan which we start from at the beginning of each year.

Each term is divided into two sections split by a half term and so we have two themes which loosely tie into the other for each half term.

Spring 1 and 2 2017: ‘All things bright and beautiful’ . We will be exploring the world around us, beauty in all we find, caring for small animals and insects. We will be growing plants from bulbs and seeds. We will visit Happy Hens farm and read books about the farm and things that grow. We are practicing the song ‘All things bright and beautiful’ we will end this terms topic with an Easter Celebration on the last day of term April 7th. We will also be running creative play sessions every Thursday which we would encourage parents and grandparents to book onto.

Autumn 1 2016 – We are going on a Bear Hunt – come to Pre-School and discover all about the world around us, join us for a teddy bears picnic and see who we might find in the woods!! Children learn best through exciting and stimulating activities by sing the famous book ‘Were going on a Bear Hunt!’ we develop fun and entertaining activities around this topic.

Autumn 2 2016 – Celebrations – We learn all about the different celebrations celebrated in the second half of the autumn term. Diwali, Halloween, Christmas and Bonfire night. All these important celebrations that define who we are and the culture that surround us are so invaluable to share with our young children. They also include lots of fun arts and crafts!!


Previous Years Topics

Autumn 2015 – All About Me – We learnt all about ourselves and our friends at Pre-School.

Autumn 2015 – Celebrations – We learnt all about the different celebrations celebrated in the second half of the autumn term.

Spring 2016 – We explored Growing – learning how children, plants and animals grow.

Summer 2016- Jobs people do and moving on(subject to change if children choose a new topic or line of interest!!)

Spring 2015 ‘The World Around Me.’ and ‘Planting and Growing’

our visit to the library

Our visit to Derby City Library

Books: Whatever Next, The Bear Information books, Jaspers Beanstalk.

Songs: ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ and ‘Heads shoulder knees and toes’.

Trip: To the Farm and Library visit.

Summer 2015: ‘In the Jungle’ and ‘Holidays and the Weather’

Denby Pottery Beach July 2014

Denby Pottery Beach July 2014

Books:  Walking through the jungle, Topsy and Tim go on holiday.

Songs: Walking through the Jungle, The Sun has got his hat on, We’re singing in the rain.

Trip: Beach and local parks.

Autumn 2015: ‘All about me’ and ‘Let’s Celebrate!’

Polesworth Abbey Trip Dec 2014

Polesworth Abbey Trip Dec 2014

Books: Nativity, Santa brought me a…, Children in Britain just like me, Inside your body.

Songs: Twinkle twinkle, Away in a manger, The Hello song.

Trip: to see the Nativity or other show and Little Eaton Garden Centre.