Dates For Your Diary 2015-16

Term Dates 2015-16

  • September 7th Return to Pre-School
  • September 17th Open Day
  • September 20th Harvest celebration in Church
  • September 28th Committee meeting
  • October 16th Pre-School Disco
  • October 23rd Break up – half term
  • October AGM
  • November 2nd Back to Pre-School Autumn Term 2
  • December 7th- 11th Christmas activity week
  • December 8th Trip to Polesworth Abbey
  • December 11th Break up end Autumn 2
  • January 4th Back to Pre-School Spring 1
  • February 12th Break up half term
  • February 22nd Back to Pre-School Spring 2
  • March 24th Break up Pre-School
  • 11th April Back to Pre-School Summer 2
  • 27th May Break up Pre-School
  • 6th June Back to Pre-School
  • 19th July Break up Pre-School Summer Holidays

The School Term explained: School Term dates are provided by local councils to all provisions that offer education funded by the state; this can be nurseries, schools, pre-schools and childminders. All these providers must offer 38 weeks of education for children aged 2- until the term after their 5th birthday; this is for 15 hours per week. All providers are allowed to take 5 days training to improve the provision and quality of education they provide these are generally called Inset Days. Most schools abide by the traditional 6-7 week term with a one week break (half term) and then 6-7 week term with a two week break at Christmas and Easter and then a six week break over the summer holidays. Although this doesn’t always fit exactly due to when Easter falls as this is slightly different every year (see Spring term 1 is only a five week term). I hope this helps give a little more clarity but do ask us if you have any questions, Thanks.

Chums: In the Methodist Church Hall (on Mansfield Street), Chums (parent/carer and baby/toddler group) is on Mondays, 10am – 12pm.