Committee Info

Please Check out: EGM 2016 for the latest presentation from our committee.

1girlA Preschool is run by its committee; a group of volunteers that help to plan and make decisions about the preschool’s future, help the preschool to achieve it aims and to ensure the preschool is run efficiently and fairly.  Research suggests that children do better in school when their parents are involved. In addition, parents personally benefit from involvement as well. Did you know that you are automatically a member of the St Paul’s Preschool Playgroup Committee? Working as part of a committee is all about opportunities and from small beginnings you could find yourself taking a whole new direction in life.  Working as part of a committee provides opportunities for you to meet people, make friends and find support to gain skills you never had and brush up on those you do have.  Your contribution will also make a vital difference to the quality and continued success of our Preschool.  You are valued and needed, you have an important voice, and your involvement will make a significant difference for your child.

Below are a number of useful documents that describe the role of the committee, its membership, details of St. Paul’s Preschool Playgroup Charity and an application form if you fancy taking part!  All the info presented at the latest open meeting (29th Feb 2016) can also be found below.

Becoming a Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Being a Trustee/Member of the Committee