St Pauls Pre-School @ Saint Paul’s Church Hall, Seale Street, Chester Green, Derby, Derbyshire, DE1 3RT


INSPECTION DATE:  17 June 2016

The quality and standards of the early years provision on this inspection: Good

Effectiveness of the leadership and management: Good 2

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment: Good 2

Personal development, behaviour and welfare: Good 2

Outcomes for children: Good 2



Summary of key findings for parents

This provision is good

  •  Children form secure emotional attachments with staff and benefit greatly from a nurturing and welcoming environment. Enthusiastic staff celebrate children’s achievements effectively. Children demonstrate they are confident, happy and settled.
  •  Overall, teaching is good. Children are making good progress in their learning. Staff know the children well. They assess children’s stage of development accurately and use the information they gather to identify the children’s next steps in learning effectively.
  •  Partnership working with parents is excellent. Staff strive to involve parents and the local school in children’s learning and development, in order to help promote continuity successfully. Staff keep parents well informed about their children’s development. Parents speak very highly of the pre-school and value the ideas they receive to help support children’s ongoing care and learning at home.
  •  Staff use a range of strategies to help promote children’s communication and language well. They adapt activities effectively for children who speak English as an additional language. Older children are articulate and develop the confidence to initiate and participate in conversation.
  •  Staff provide clear messages that help to promote children’s understanding about how to stay healthy.


Areas to work on to gain outstanding status:

  1. Adapt teaching practice during story time to promote older children’s involvement and concentration.

2. To develop outside, to improve storage, create zones for different activities and have space for physical development.

The above areas which were highlighted will form the basis for our focused improvement plan for the year.

1. We feel that all children should be given a chance to engage in story times and that this means they are not always formally set up. We will be looking into research and sound opinions to support our opinion of this to provide evidence at our next inspection.

2. We will continue to look for funding to improve and extend our garden areas – we would like to resurface the car park and create a larger play area for our children that can be used as a car park or as a safe and secure large ball or bike area.